Welcome to StoppaRed, the online home of StoppaRed Self Defence Marker Sprays.(Patented)

StoppaRed has been developed by us with one of the World's leading manufacturers of Self Defence sprays, Mace Security International and you can be sure that it is not only made to the highest quality standards and legal but also a useful option for anyone concerned with their personal security.

Each self defence marker canister is individual checked for quality control purposes before leaving the factory. You can depend on our sprays.

Our self defence marker sprays are currently being carried every day by thousands of informed citizens here in the UK and overseas. By creating a distraction and covering the offender in bright red dye the product has been used to give the user an opportunity to escape whilst at the same time given the police a far better chance of arresting that offender.

Our sprays are currently available in three different sized canisters to suit any situation, and by choosing StoppaRed self defence sprays you also get the flexibility that a range of different canisters can give you.

We believe strongly that good people should not feel helpless when faced with a criminals demands. We believe that criminals are encouraged by a society where its innocent citizens feel helpless.

StoppaRed self defence marker sprays are available today because we all have a right to prevent crime and assist the Police bring offenders to justice. You and your family should be free to go day to day without being unduly worried.

The more people are prepared to help prevent crime and provide help in bringing the offenders to justice the more we all help to make our communities safer.

For details of how to become one of our stockists please send us an email.